Breaking-Out of the writer’s block

Is this topic really special to talk about ?

Well to the expert writers I want to believe it special, due to the fact that they’ve all been through the writers block stage and also to someone like me it’s a new milestone like a new level of greatness unlocked.

Man standing on a rock
Tell it to the World… I’m Free 😉😋😉 . Photo Credit:

In the course of coming up with this article, I kept asking myself why this topic? Well I think it’s the perfect way to commence the writing adventure… as I have tried taking a shot countless times and I get frustrated… the words wouldn’t come (it hurts alot) . 😆😆😆

And now coming up with an article that will definitely be a source of inspiration to whoever out there, feeling frustrated and pressured trying to write, it’s a wonderful feeling believe me.

So to you out there feeling your article will be rejected, people might not be interested or you feel your article is below standard, here is my own little contribution, Rome wasn’t built in a day and I’m letting you know there is no perfect article, just give it a try and keep getting better… it’s a free world after all. Make mistakes, learn and grow and most importantly be a better version of who you are the previous day.

lastly I will like to mention this, 2018 has been a wonderful year so far for me took out lot of barriers, learnt handful of lessons and accomplished majority of my stated goals… already smashing 2019 goals (You don’t have to wait for the new year knockouts before you start getting things done, get started now set those goals and make sure you accomplish them),so expect my next article titled “My 2018 year in review”.

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